My name is Deon Wilson. I’m an avid tinkerer, learner and creator. I think it’s important to develop relationships because we grow stronger if we invest in others. People help you find creative opportunities that you could never do on your own. I’m always trying to learn new things and pass my knowledge to others. Whether it is graphic design, game development, or writing I’m always learning new skills to help solve problems.

Demo Reel 2019

Skill Matrix

Game Design

I designed and world-build game levels to create engaging and challenging experience for the player.


I model efficient organic and modular hard surface assets from concepts with high poly details.


I create dynamic character animations in 3dsmax, Maya, and in harmony using the 12 principles of animation.


I texture assets with the PBR workflow using both procedural and hand painted techniques.

Visual Effects

Creates real-time particle systems in UE4 and 3ds max using physics simulations and particle dynamics. I also I composite and edit videos using After effects and Premiere Pro

Graphic Design

I design 2-D vector art with strong iconography for game menus, buttons, panels, logos, and collateral.