Key Coworking Networking Event

Since I graduated from the Art Institute of San Antonio in March, I have been applying to jobs with very little success. So far, I’ve applied to 405 jobs related to my degree and had 4 interviews. For those that like statistics that’s an average of 3 job applications a day with a 1% success rate for an interview opportunity. Since applying to jobs online isn’t working I decided to pivot strategies.

On July 10th on Friday I attended a networking event hosted by a collaborative co-working space called Key Coworking . The event focused on connecting San Antonio freelancers at different stages in their journeys to share their experiences. I learned a lot about freelancing such as how to charge and work with current clients, developing creative ways of finding potential clients, and different ways to build your network.

In retrospect, going to networking events would have been better because building connections with people is better than applying to a job online. Also, I’ve been dabbling with freelancing but after this event I feel like with enough time and dedication it could be a viable career.

I plan on going to even more networking events so if you see me be sure to connect with me so we can help each other out in our careers.

Key Coworking’s website is: