Pipeline Checklist For Game Development

This is a blog I wrote on my linkedin account.

When I was working on a team to develop a game called Apex Dawn I wanted everybody to be on the same page for asset management. So I made several documents that team members could refer to. This particular document was a checklist to follow before things were imported into the engine. Hopefully this will be helpful in your own game development process.

For Naming Conventions refer to: Name convention Document

Center Pivot Point

Set Pivot point to Origin

Z Axis of Mesh is pointing forward

Reset Xforms

No holes in Mesh

No flipped Normals

Create LOD’s (if needed)

Create Collision if needed

Static Mesh Unwrapped or Box Mapped

Scale Static Mesh to Game Character (Mannequin FBX in the team folder)

Avoid N-gons unless surface is flat. Re-triangulate mesh if needed

Remove Turbosmooth

Standard Textures Authored at 1024px. Lower Rez Textures Authored at 512px

FBX’s need to be in a properly named folder for FBX’s

Standards of Project Management need to be followed

Bitmaps saved as Targas

FBX’s named

3ds max with associated targa’s in a 3ds max folder

Export with Smoothing Groups

If the static Mesh has several elements combine it together using the attach mode or collapse utility

Name FBX

Name Materials

Name Bitmaps

3ds max filed named properly

3ds max have named layers

3ds max have selection sets

Authored Photoshop textures in a named Zbrush folder

Zbrush and Ztools files in named Folder