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Deon Wilson

I am a QA tester at Aspyr Media with a passion to create video games. When I’m not busy with QA testing, I spend my free time creating video games. I am interested in all aspects of game development whether it is gameplay programming or creating art. I love overcoming the challenges that game development provides with fun and innovative solutions.

Key Coworking Networking Event

Since I graduated from the Art Institute of San Antonio in March, I have been applying to jobs with very little success. So far, I’ve applied to 405 jobs related to my degree and had 4 interviews. For those that like statistics that’s an average of 3 job applications a day with a 1% success rate for an interview opportunity. Since applying to jobs online isn’t working I decided to pivot strategies. On July 10th on Friday I attended a networking event hosted by a collaborative co-working space called Key… Read more Key Coworking Networking Event

Practicing Animation

Looping Animation I wanted to follow pluralsight tutorials about After Effects to brush up on my skills. I did not want to use the assets given to me so I made them from scratch using illustrator. I set up layers for the different shapes in the illustrator file then imported the assets into after effects. Then I converted the illustrator file into layer comps which puts every layer in illustrator into individual vector layers in after effects. Then I did a straight forward animation in after effects. I will use… Read more Practicing Animation