Game Design

I am an artist specializing in 3d modeling and texturing techniques with a strong knowledge of scripting and technical aspects of game design. I recently graduated from the Art Institute of San Antonio with a Bachelor of Game Art and Design. I’ve always been a big fan of understanding the inner workings of videogames. When I create art, I’m really interested in developing the process and apply those techniques to future projects.

With five team members, I helped develop a game called Apex Dawn that we presented in association with the Art Institute of San Antonio at PAX South 2019. I was responsible for any design aspect behind the game’s development. I collaborated with team members to create a game design document that served as a guideline for the Apex Dawn’s development process. Then I created documents in Excel and Word for procedures and conventions for game assets to be organized and optimized. Facilitated communication between non-technical members to achieve milestones and goals. Then ensured all technical and performance guidelines of game assets were implemented in game. Also designed and world-built levels to create engaging and challenging experience for the player.

With my knowledge such as Maxscript, C#, Unreal Engines Blueprints, and general design skills I created several systems. For Example, I scripted in the Unreal Engine procedural foliage and game assets, behavior trees, dynamic materials, and player mechanics. I created real-time particle systems in UE4 and 3ds max using physics simulation and particle dynamics for fire, smoke, and destructible structures. Furthermore, I designed 2d vector art with strong iconography for game menus, buttons, and panels and implemented in game engine. Also, I used a combination of Biped, CAT, and custom bone systems to create facial and character rigs with animator friendly controls

Also, on various projects I modeled efficient organic and modular hard surface assets from concepts with High poly details. Textured assets with the PBR workflow using both procedural and hand painted techniques. Furthermore, I drew environment and character concept art with a strong sense of composition, perspective, and design.

In a visual effects internship with White Rhino Studios, I developed Maxscripts and techniques to improve workflow efficiency in the modeling pipeline. Using Maxscript I procedurally generated greebled cities with textures. I used Maxscripts to develop an efficient texturing pipeline between Substance Designer and 3ds Max to make the texturing process faster. Also, in Art and Design Internship in association with a virtual reality company called Ractive. I helped developed enemy artificial intelligence assets that work in a multiplayer VR training experience.

I have a strong knowledge of art creation software design skills that I would like to utilize to help your company. I would appreciate an opportunity for an interview or discuss any employment opportunities. I will follow up immediately by email. Thank you for the consideration.