Game Mechanics

AI Patrol System

I’m working on an AI system from the ground up. I started with a simple patrol system but it will include attacking the player, fleeing from the player, and a cover system.

Cover System

A cover system I’ve been working on. Implemented a peak mechanic where you can un-crouch from cover.

Showcasing: Dynamic Cover, Emerging from Cover.

Rewind Time Proof Of Concept

I made a rewind time mechanic in unreal. It saves the original transforms of the actors then when I button is pressed the actors are set to the original transforms.

Reflection Project

A quick prototype of a game idea of reflecting rays across multiple surfaces to hit a target.

Showcasing: Raytrace surface detection, Level loading, Level Design.

3rd Person combat mechanics

Since the projectile of the weapon was at a different angle to the center of the screen the cross hair would never match up to the impact location of the projectile. So I combined the camera rotation and the rotation of the projectile to have the weapon shoot at the center of the screen.

Showcasing: Recoil System Weapon Hud Character Blendspace Animations AI attacking

Jet pack Integration

Integrated a jet pack animation pack from the unreal marketplace. I blended the jet-pack animations with the ones that were already set up with the character. I created a dynamic cover system. I’m going to add a peak mechanic but for now its a good point.

Showcasing: Jet pack Integration Cover System

Mecha Game

I am a fan of mecha in any form. I thought it would be fun to create a quick prototype about piloting a mecha. The most challenging part of this particular showcase was making the mecha lean in the correct directions. This project helped me better understand manipulating vectors in the Unreal Engine.

Flying Artificial Intelligence

After hours of trial/error/research I learned that the Unreal Engine doesn’t have a built in 3D navigation for artificial intelligence. My solution was to use ray-tracing to give the AI data about obstacles so it can avoid them. This was a quick experiment but I plan to revisit this project and integrate it with the UE4’s behavior trees.