Graphic Design

I am a graduate from the Art Institute of San Antonio with a Bachelor of Game Art and Design. Graphic design is about helping to communicate your ideas through art and text. In my designs I use the principles of composition, typography, and color to clearly and concisely communicate its purpose to an audience. I have always thought the process is just as important as the result. When I create art, I’m really interested in developing the process to apply those techniques to future projects. I’m always researching new technologies and techniques to stay relevant in the industry.

I designed 2d vector art with strong iconography for game menus, buttons, and panels and implemented in a game prototype called Fallen Moon. I used flowcharts, links, branches, and the basic principles of interactivities between action and response. Furthermore, I developed concepts and completed the design of the interface using principles of design aesthetics and usability. 

I did freelance graphic design work for a new Virtual Reality arcade based in San Antonio called InfiniteWorlds VR. I concepted various logos for the client and incorporated their feedback for the final design using Adobe Illustrator. Then I used the logo to create an informational flyer with strong composition and typography for a marketing campaign that will print 10,000 flyers to be distributed around San Antonio.

I have a strong knowledge of art creation software design skills that I would like to utilize to help your company. I would appreciate an opportunity for an interview or discuss any employment opportunities. I will follow up immediately by email. Thank you for the consideration.